Nordvästra Skånes Flygklubb

Welcome to ESMH and Northwest Scania Aeroclub !

If you choose to stay in Hoganas for one or more nights there are five bedrooms in the clubhouse with 17 beds - three three-bed rooms and two four-bed rooms, all with toilets, also a fully equipped kitchen, shower, TV and Briefing room with Internet (free of charge)
Excellent parking area close to the clubhouse

Airport Information

Radio frequency 123.55 Höganäs Radio
Airport indicator ESMH
Position 561106N 123443E
Elevation 21 ft
Runways 14/32 - 800 x 50 m grass, (note runway lights 650m between THR)
06/24 - 460 x 50 m grass
Airport Map here
Runway lighting RWY 14/32, runway lights are activated by carrier wave on 123.55 during 10 sec (note runway lights 650m between THR)
Traffic Pattern Right hand circuit for RWY 32 and 06 - 1000 ft.
Circuit altitude 1000 ft - see map here >>
Fuel Avgas 100 LL, Avgas 91/96 and Jet A-1. Cash or creditcard accepted (sorry, no carnets accepted). Call +46 42 34 29 80, +46 70 250 2619
Oil AS80, W80. 15W50, AS Sport Plus 4
ATS Sweden Control 124.850 MHz


Right hand circuit for runway 32 and 06  Avoid overflying marked areas below 1500 ft.
Advise your approach before entering the circuit on 123.55 "Hoeganas Radio".
Angelholm Control Zone north of the airfield is quite close.


If ever possible, use runway 14. Landing practice with touch & go's are not acceptable due to our noise abatement agreement with the local community.
Holidays, weekends and evenings after 6pm are extremely sensitive times for take-off noise.
We take our environmental commitment seriously - please help us by adheering to this agreement.


Internet connection with our PC or via wifi is available free of charge, printer/copier


Of course you are welcome to stay overnight or longer in our club house. We have five guest rooms with a total of 17 beds. Click for pictures.There are excellent cooking facilities with oven, microoven , coffee maker and fridge for storing food. Soft drinks and ice cream available.


We have bicycles available free of charge for visiting pilots and passengers. If possible the club members will get you to Hoganas. Buses are departing near the airport to Helsingborg every half hour. If you want to stay in hotels or rent a car please see the info below.


Coming from an EU airport there is no need for customs.


Landing and parking is free of charge, however contributions are always welcome as the airfield is operated on a voluntary basis. A small letterbox outside the Briefing room will collect you contributions.


Nordvästra Skånes Flygklubb
Långarödsvägen 214
SE-263 91 Höganäs

Tel. +46 42 34 29 80
Mail to: epost@nsf.se